TriloDocs – AI tool explained

TriloDocs is Trilogy’s exclusive, expert-driven AI system that leverages artificial intelligence and domain knowledge to define patterns and adaptive data preparation to create complete, clinically-relevant reports. TriloDocs uniquely transforms available data into rich visualization reporting that follows predefined styles with structure for section headings that can be adapted for client-specific templates.

TriloDocs + an experienced medical writer

TriloDoc’s powerful reporting platform enables the medical writer to analyze and better craft the story of the data in collaboration with the writer’s team. Because it has been designed to supplement the intelligence of an experienced medical writer in generating clinical documents, TriloDocs produces multi-folded benefits for your documents and your clinical teams – benefits that ultimately translate to the ability to get drugs to the market faster.


TriloDocs is improving constantly

It can currently generate report texts for: Demographics, Efficacy, Safety (AEs, laboratory, and vital signs), PK and Subgroup analyses of efficacy and safety

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