Who we are and what we value

The people at Trilogy come from diverse backgrounds and nationalities, and as individuals we have a broad spectrum of interests and talents that we cultivate. At the same time,we are like-minded, enthusiastic people who love what Trilogy is about and believes in. We love collaboration. We love supporting our clients and each other. We love the friendly, family-like and appreciative company culture that Trilogy has been nurturing for 20 years.

The Trilogy world is one where you are empowered to learn and become the best you can be. You are trusted and treated as an adult. You are part of a team that has your back: nor are you left alone without any guidance. If you stumble or need help, your colleagues will care and help you get back on track. It’s a world in which everyone is growing and thriving and being challenged to achieve new heights.

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What qualities you need to join us

Are you wondering what makes an excellent medical writer? Listen to Julia Forjanic Klapproth, Senior Partner at Trilogy, talk about what we are looking for in medical writers.

We live. We work. In this particular order.

At Trilogy, we strongly believe that we should really work to live, and not live to work. Our goal is to ensure that, on average, we do not spend more than 40 hours a week in the office/home-office. Of course, the nature of the work we do means there will always be some peak periods of craziness that come along with big projects. But this should be an exhilarating exception, not the rule. If you join Trilogy, you will see that we go home in the evening (or if we work from home, we go offline) and do crazy things like spend time with our kids and pets, write books, paint, go dancing, or singing, or whatever tickles our fancy.
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Where we work

With colleagues in 7 countries worldwide (Germany, UK, USA, Canada, Portugal, Italy, and Ireland) and 3 physical offices, Trilogy is a global company rooted in flexibility. Trilobites work either fully/partly remotely or from one of our offices – Frankfurt, Germany; Cambridge, UK; Durham, NC, USA.

Open Positions

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