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The Role of AI in Medical Writing
Episode 2: The Role of AI in Medical Writing

Will AI replace or assist medical writers? Join Julia and Barry in this episode as they talk about how AI is going to change the way we write and work as medical writers. You will discover how AI will make writing clinical documents not only faster and more interesting but will aid with the analysis and eliminate human error. Get a sneak-peek into the coming revolution in medical writing. 


Artificial intelligence for medical writing, part two: transparency, flexibility and control
In an earlier article about artificial intelligence (AI) for medical writing1, I stressed that AI tools would assist, accelerate and augment the process of clinical documentation. I also argued that the key to the third aspect, augmentation, was the use and future acceptance of standard texts.
Author: Barry Drees
Journal: Outsourcing in Clinical Trials Handbook 2022
Date: December 2021
AI for Medical Writing: Assistance, Acceleration and Augmentation
The promise of AI for the field of medical writing has been apparent for some time and a number of teams have created tools of varying effectiveness and scope. Dr....
Author: Barry Drees
Journal: Outsourcing in Clinical Trials Handbook 2021
Date: October 2020
Assistance, Acceleration and Augmentation
AI is set to play a significant role in regulatory and medical writing in the very near future. Dr Barry Drees of Trilogy Writing & Consulting, using his more than...
Author: Barry Drees
Journal: Clinical Trials Insight
Date: Summer 2020
Truth be Told: Where AI and Automation Can Really Take Us
AI and automation are both exciting and daunting prospects in the future of medical writing, but the advantages of these tools should be scrutinised, as well as what they mean...
Author: Julia Forjanic Klapproth
Journal: Medical Writing Special Edition No. 2
Date: February 2020